Malta’s Abortion Laws: Denial of Women’s Rights and Autonomy

Malta’s “archaic” anti-abortion laws have come under global scrutiny after a 35-year-old woman was denied an abortion, except in cases where her life was in danger. The conservative stance on abortion in Malta is closely linked to the country’s Catholic values and could breach international law. Although travelling abroad for an abortion is relatively easy for Maltese women, many refuse to succumb to the stigma, campaigning instead for the legal establishment of a harm-reduction model that would provide safe and legal abortions on the Maltese islands.

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“Abortion Laws in Malta: A Look at Women’s Rights and Reform Advocacy”

Discover the impact of Malta’s strict abortion laws on women’s health and rights, as a recent case has sparked discussions and criticisms regarding the lack of access to safe and legal abortions. Learn about the negative effects of restrictive abortion laws and the role of religion in shaping abortion politics, as well as the need for reform and ways to support advocacy for reproductive rights and bodily autonomy. Find out more about Malta’s restrictive laws and the global movement towards promoting gender equality and human rights.

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