The Art Of Maltese Tiles: History, Production, And Aesthetics

The art of Maltese tiles is more than just an aesthetic expression; it is a representation of Maltese culture that has withstood the test of time. With a rich history that dates back centuries, these handcrafted tiles have been an integral part of Maltese architecture, adorning floors, walls, and ceilings with intricate designs that captivate…

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The Malines Conversations Group: A Century of Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Communion

Discover the history and significance of the Malines Conversations Group; a group of theologians from the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, who meet regularly to discuss matters of ecumenical importance. Find out what was discussed at their recent meeting, the role of Lord Williams of Oystermouth and Cardinal Josef de Kezel, and the future plans for the group. Explore the potential of these discussions to promote greater understanding and unity between the denominations, while acknowledging the challenges and criticisms that have been raised.

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“Ainsley Harriot’s ‘Fantastic Flavours’ Shines Light on Malta’s Rich Culinary History”

Ainsley Harriot visits Malta for new ITV series Key Points: British chef Ainsley Harriot is currently in Malta for his new ITV series The series is called Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours and premiered on 28th January, 2023 Ainsley creates flavorsome meals and sends other chefs on the road to search for new recipes Malta’s rich culinary…

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