About Us – MaltaPremiums

We do have a network of shops all over Europe we only buy and sell electronics that are 100% in pristine condition.

The majority of the electronics were on display and have never been used by people or only used for a very short amount of time.

We bring in every week new stock to Malta and we visited every shop on location that we do business with.

We’ve been doing this for 6 months now and all our clients fall in love with our offers, products and our prices are unbeatable! 

The variety of our products will be extended way beyond belief with a high must-have factor or must give if you will.

VIP people can pre-order products – that’s why we are empty before we can even list our products on the site or FB market place.

All our products that are left from the previous stock are listed on our newly launched site and can be found here at our new launched site: https://maltapremiums.com

We also offer premium memberships where you can gain access to multiple premium perks including warranty period, Apple products, 24 earlier alerts about our new stock and a lot more. 

Friendly greetings,

MaltaPremiums Team.

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