The Malines Conversations Group: A Century of Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Communion

Discover the history and significance of the Malines Conversations Group; a group of theologians from the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, who meet regularly to discuss matters of ecumenical importance. Find out what was discussed at their recent meeting, the role of Lord Williams of Oystermouth and Cardinal Josef de Kezel, and the future plans for the group. Explore the potential of these discussions to promote greater understanding and unity between the denominations, while acknowledging the challenges and criticisms that have been raised.

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The Maltese Unearth a Roman Structure dating back 1,700 years

In this article: Water Services Corporation’s trenching works uncover a Roman structure in Malta The structure is believed to be a 1,700-year-old Roman water cistern Malta’s Superintendence of Cultural Heritage praises the corporation for its attentive approach to its discovery Recent discoveries of Roman structures reveal the importance of Malta’s role in ancient Mediterranean trade…

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