Regatta Restaurant: A Taste Of Delightful Dining In Sliema

Situated on the third floor of a hotel in Sliema, Malta, Regatta Restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Manoel Island seafront.

The ‘taste of delightful dining’ the restaurant provides is sure to tantalize the senses of food lovers.

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From the attentive service to the adventurous starters and extensive main courses, Regatta Restaurant is an ideal destination for a night out.

Customers can also take advantage of the take-away delivery service and the moderated review section.

The photo uploading option adds to the restaurant’s charm, giving freedom to customers to upload their pictures and share their experiences.

The restaurant’s location, service, and food make it a great alternative to the other nearby restaurants.

Regatta Restaurant is truly ‘the icing on the cake’ for a night of delicious dining.

Key Takeaways

  • Regatta Restaurant is located on the third floor of a hotel in Sliema, Malta
  • The restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Manoel Island seafront and Sliema
  • The terrace overlooks the scenic surroundings and is perfect for a romantic dinner or a large group gathering
  • The menu offers Mediterranean flavors for all tastes, with adventurous starters and extensive main courses

Location and View

Regatta Restaurant is situated on the third floor of a hotel in Sliema, Malta, offering a beautiful view of Sliema and Manoel Island seafront. The location amenities provide guests with an unforgettable dining experience, with an expansive terrace that overlooks the scenic surroundings.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a large group gathering, Regatta Restaurant is the perfect setting to appreciate the glorious views of the Mediterranean. On a clear night, the lights of the city and the waterfront are breathtaking. The luxurious décor, along with the attentive service, make for a memorable evening.

The experience is complemented by the exquisite food, offering a menu full of Mediterranean flavors for all tastes. Regatta Restaurant is the perfect place for a truly delightful dining experience.

Service and Food

Visitors to Sliema can expect to be enchanted by the superior service and mouth-wateringly delicious food at the renowned Regatta Restaurant. From the efficient and welcoming staff to the variety of options available, guests are sure to find something perfect for their palate.

With palate adventures in the form of starters and a buffet of main courses, the restaurant also offers take-away options and multiple delivery services.

In addition, the restaurant has a contact form, multiple listings, a review section moderated by humans, and allows customers to upload photos.

All in all, Regatta Restaurant provides a delightful dining experience for all who visit.

Reviews and Extras

Given its multiple listings, contact form, and moderated review section, Regatta Restaurant provides customers with additional services to guarantee a satisfactory experience.

The restaurant offers a convenient take-away option, as well as multiple delivery services, to provide freedom and convenience to customers.

Furthermore, customers can provide reviews of their experience, with negative comments being moderated in order to provide genuine customer experiences.

The restaurant also has a contact form for inquiries, and its multiple listings allow customers to compare it with other restaurants nearby.

All of these services ensure that customers have access to the best dining experience that Sliema has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing like for meals at Regatta Restaurant?

Regatta Restaurant offers a variety of menu options with generous portion sizes. Prices are reasonable and tailored to suit various budgets. The atmosphere is inviting and the staff is knowledgeable, providing excellent customer service.

Does the restaurant provide catering services?

Yes, Regatta Restaurant provides catering services with hosting options and menu selection to suit any event. They are dedicated to delivering delicious food and impeccable service to make any occasion special.

Does the restaurant offer a vegan/vegetarian menu?

Regatta Restaurant offers a selection of vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes, including plant-based options. The menu is crafted with the aim of providing an enjoyable and diverse dining experience that is suited to all dietary preferences.

What is the dress code for the restaurant?

Regatta Restaurant has a dress code of dress etiquette and styles that provide freedom and flexibility. Customers are asked to dress in a respectful manner with no specific dress code, allowing them to express their own style.

Does the restaurant offer discounts for large parties?

At Regatta Restaurant, we offer generous discount policies for group reservations, making it the perfect choice for special occasions. Our guests can experience the highest quality of dining and enjoy the freedom to make their own choices without breaking the bank.

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