“Ainsley Harriot’s ‘Fantastic Flavours’ Shines Light on Malta’s Rich Culinary History”

Ainsley Harriot visits Malta for new ITV series

Key Points:

  • British chef Ainsley Harriot is currently in Malta for his new ITV series
  • The series is called Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours and premiered on 28th January, 2023
  • Ainsley creates flavorsome meals and sends other chefs on the road to search for new recipes
  • Malta’s rich culinary history and vibrant food scene has impressed the chef
  • Ainsley hopes to showcase Malta’s food culture to a global audience through his series

Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours takes Malta by storm

Malta is currently hosting the renowned British chef and TV presenter, Ainsley Harriot, as he films his latest series for ITV. Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours premiered on 28th January, 2023, and has already captured the hearts of food lovers around the world. The series revolves around creating flavorsome meals and discovering new recipes. Ainsley is known for his warm personality and infectious enthusiasm, and is loved by many for his previous series – Ready Steady Cook and Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook.

Discovering Malta’s rich culinary history

During his stay in Malta, Ainsley has ventured out to various local restaurants and food markets, discovering the wide range of flavours that Maltese cuisine has to offer. He has praised the Maltese for preserving their rich culinary history, which is heavily influenced by the island’s proximity to Italy and North Africa. Ainsley has also been impressed by Malta’s vibrant food scene, which incorporates a fusion of different cultures and puts a unique spin on traditional dishes.

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Sharing Malta’s food culture with the world

Through his series, Ainsley hopes to showcase Malta’s unique and rich food culture to a global audience. The chef has been travelling around the island, meeting with local chefs and home cooks, and documenting traditional Maltese recipes. In addition, he has sent fellow chefs out on the road to discover new flavours and ingredients, highlighting the diversity of Maltese cuisine.


Ainsley Harriot’s visit to Malta and his new series have put a spotlight on the island’s rich food culture. His infectious enthusiasm and warm personality have won over the hearts of the Maltese people. By showcasing Malta’s unique cuisine to a global audience, Ainsley is helping to put Malta on the map as a must-visit culinary destination.

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