Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi’s Speech at the FSWS Conference in Malta – Analyzing the €20,000 Price Tag

Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi’s Speech in Malta


Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was one of the keynote speakers at the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) conference held in Malta. However, it has recently emerged that the event came with a price tag of €20,000. The revelation has generated a significant amount of debate regarding the amount spent on securing Renzi’s attendance.

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Renzi’s Address at the Conference

Renzi’s address discussed several topics that were of great importance to the conference attendees. Among the main issues, he talked about the EU’s political challenges and the need to focus on social challenges that are currently facing Europe. Renzi also touched on the importance of digitalization and youth employment in our society. The former Italian PM’s contribution focused on the critical issues that require immediate attention in Malta as well.

The €20,000 Price Tag

According to information tabled in parliament, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services spent €20,000 on securing Renzi’s attendance. The hefty fee has caused a lot of debate, with some suggesting that the FSWS could have spent that money on other important social welfare programs in Malta. Nonetheless, the organization has defended the move by saying that his knowledge and expertise were considered invaluable to the conference and that it was important to have him as a keynote speaker.


In conclusion, Matteo Renzi’s address during the FSWS conference covered a range of important topics that were relevant to both Malta and the EU as a whole. The €20,000 price tag for his attendance has sparked a debate about the value of such expenditures, particularly when it comes to social welfare programs in Malta. Despite the controversy, it cannot be denied that Renzi’s contribution to the conference was significant and his expertise was considered invaluable by the organizers.

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