Relax And Indulge In Gozo’s Culinary Delights At Odyssey Restaurant

Located in the picturesque Il-Menqa, Triq Marina, Marsalforn, Odyssey Restaurant offers a unique culinary experience to visitors.

With over 30,000 customers served in the past year, the restaurant is a popular destination for those looking to indulge in Gozo’s delicious cuisine.

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Offering a range of pizza, seafood, Mediterranean and European dishes, Odyssey Restaurant offers prices ranging from €10 to €30.

The restaurant is highly rated for its cleanliness, good food, friendly staff, and relaxed atmosphere.

Customers have often praised the delicious pasta, the quick and kind service, and the beautiful view of the bay.

Takeaway options are available, and customers can also write reviews and add photos to the listing.

Odyssey Restaurant stands out as an excellent destination to relax and indulge in Gozo’s culinary delights.

Key Takeaways

  • Odyssey Restaurant is a highly popular dining destination in Il-Menqa, Triq Marina, Marsalforn, Gozo.
  • The restaurant offers a diverse range of dishes including pizza, seafood, Mediterranean, and European cuisine at affordable prices ranging from €10 to €30.
  • Customers highly rate the restaurant for its cleanliness, good food, friendly staff, and relaxed atmosphere. Takeaway options are also available.
  • The restaurant is known for its scenic setting, welcoming ambiance, and fantastic views of the bay.

Odyssey Restaurant Overview

Located in Il-Menqa, Marsalforn, Gozo, Odyssey Restaurant is highly rated for its cleanliness, food quality, friendly staff, and relaxing atmosphere.

It offers a variety of Mediterranean, European, seafood and pizza dishes, ranging from €10 to €30. The scenic setting of the restaurant, combined with its welcoming ambiance, makes it a perfect place to relax and indulge in Gozo’s culinary delights.

It also offers a range of takeaways, including pasta and rabbit dishes in half portions. Customers have praised the excellent food, quick and kind service, and the beautiful view of the bay.

As a result, Odyssey Restaurant has become a must-visit restaurant in Gozo, with many returning customers. With the option to write reviews and add photos, the restaurant presents an even more appealing experience.

Cuisine and Price Range

At Odyssey Restaurant Marsalforn Gozo, diners can enjoy a variety of cuisine, ranging from pizza and seafood to Mediterranean and European dishes, with a price range of €10 to €30.

Gozo offers a unique blend of diverse culinary offerings, providing locals and visitors with a wide selection of affordable dining options.

From the classic pizza and seafood dishes to the more complex Mediterranean and European fare, Odyssey Restaurant promises an experience that will ensure a memorable evening.

Moreover, the restaurant’s half portion for rabbit and marinara dishes make it the ideal place for those in search of a more intimate dining experience.

With its cleanliness, good food, friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere, Odyssey Restaurant is the perfect place for anyone to relax and indulge in Gozo’s culinary delights.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Customers of the local eatery have consistently expressed positive feedback regarding cleanliness, food quality, staff friendliness, atmosphere, and clean toilets. The reviews for Odyssey Restaurant Marsalforn Gozo show that the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the food is excellent. From pizza to seafood and Mediterranean and European dishes, customers have reported their experiences with the best dishes the restaurant has to offer. Half portions for rabbit and marinara dishes have also been recommended for those seeking smaller portions. Customers have praised the fantastic pasta and quick and kind service, as well as the beautiful view of the bay.

Keyword Definition Examples
Best dishes Dishes that are most popular Pizza, Seafood, Mediterranean, European dishes
Customer reviews Expressions of opinion about a product or service Fantastic pasta, quick and kind service, beautiful view of the bay
Importance The quality or state of being necessary or worthwhile Customer feedback helps restaurants improve their services

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of takeaways are available?

Experience the convenience of Odyssey Restaurant’s takeaway service, offering freshly prepared dishes delivered in secure packaging for a hassle-free culinary experience. Enjoy an array of Mediterranean, European, Pizza and Seafood dishes at the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a taste of Gozo’s culinary delights with takeaway convenience.

Are there vegetarian options?

Odyssey Restaurant Marsalforn Gozo offers an extensive selection of vegetarian options, with vegan dishes available upon request. Customers can enjoy the health benefits of their choice of dish without compromising on flavour or quality.

Is there a children’s menu?

Odyssey Restaurant Marsalforn Gozo offers a children’s menu, with delivery options available. Dietary requirements can be catered to upon request, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all ages.

Is there an option to write a review and add photos to the listing?

Yes, customers can write reviews and add photos to the listing for Odyssey Restaurant Marsalforn Gozo. This is a great way to share their experience with other customers, and provide feedback to the restaurant about their customer service, ordering online, and even using coupons.

How does this restaurant compare to other restaurants in the area?

Odyssey Restaurant Marsalforn Gozo boasts a 4.78 score rating and has earned praise from customers for its local specialties, friendly service, and relaxing atmosphere. Comparable restaurants in the area include Quattro Fratelli Restaurant in Qawra, Malta and Lantern Restaurant in Marsalforn, Gozo.

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