Seascape Take Away: Xghajra’s Burger Haven!

Seascape Take Away in Xghajra, Malta is rapidly becoming a favorite amongst locals, thanks to its 4.8 rating score. With an array of mouthwatering burgers and take away options, this burger haven offers excellent snacks at affordable prices, with combos starting at €3.50. Guests can contact the restaurant through email or phone, and reviews and photos can be submitted for moderation before publishing.

Seascape Take Away is listed on platforms such as Bolt Food,, and Wolt, and is compared to restaurants like Mevlana Kebab and Pizza Grill and El Catalan Restaurant.

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With its diverse selection of take away options and delicious burgers, Seascape Take Away is the perfect place for a quick and tasty meal.

Key Takeaways

  • Seascape Take Away in Xghajra, Malta is a popular restaurant with a 4.8 rating score.
  • The restaurant offers mouthwatering burgers and take away options at affordable prices, with combos starting at €3.50.
  • Customers can enjoy quick service and efficient delivery, with freshly prepared meals made with quality ingredients.
  • Seascape Take Away is known for its delicious burgers cooked to perfection, competitively priced meals ranging from €10 to €30, and great value for money.

Quick Service

Seascape Take Away in Xghajra is renowned for its quick service, with customers praising the restaurant’s ability to deliver meals in a timely fashion. With friendly staff and a convenient location, the restaurant has earned a reputation for providing customers with fast and efficient service.

Seascape Take Away takes pride in providing its customers with freshly prepared meals that are made with quality ingredients. Furthermore, the restaurant is known for its prompt delivery system, which ensures that food arrives quickly and that customers can enjoy their meals in the comfort of their own home.

Additionally, Seascape Take Away offers take away options, including delivery and pick up, making it easier for customers to enjoy their meals without having to wait in line.

All in all, Seascape Take Away is the perfect place for anyone looking for a quick and convenient meal.

Mouthwatering Burgers

Mevlana Kebab and Pizza Grill and El Catalan Restaurant are both known for their delicious burgers, but Seascape Take Away Xghajra Malta appears to have set a new standard in the area. Customers speak highly of the juicy patties and irresistible toppings offered at the restaurant, as well as the reasonable prices.

The burgers are cooked to perfection, and the fresh ingredients used to top them are sure to tantalize the taste buds. From the classic cheeseburger to the more unique creations, there is something to suit everyone’s cravings. The combination of flavors is truly remarkable, and the quality of service is second to none.

With a burger and chips combo priced at just €3.50, Seascape Take Away Xghajra Malta has established itself as a burger haven.

Affordable Prices

The prices offered at this restaurant are competitive, with a burger and chips combo priced at €3.50. Seascape Take Away in Xghajra offers customers great value for their money, with a wide range of cheap options. Meals range from €10 to €30, allowing customers to choose depending on their budget. Customers can also get snacks at great prices, making Seascape Take Away a popular choice.

Price Range Options
€10 – €30 Meals
€3.50 Burger and chips combo
Great prices Snacks
Cheap options Wide range
Value for money High quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening and closing times of Seascape Take Away?

Seascape Take Away is open from Monday to Sunday, with delivery times varying. Food hygiene is maintained at all times to ensure customers’ safety. The opening and closing times of the restaurant are 11AM to 11PM.

Does Seascape Take Away offer catering services?

Seascape Take Away does not offer catering services. However, they provide a wide range of take away options with dietary options, and adhere to take away etiquette.

Does Seascape Take Away accept card payments?

A cashless world of mobile payments is now within reach. Seascape Take Away supports this modern trend, offering customers the option to pay with card for their burgers and take away orders. A convenient and secure way to enjoy Xghajra’s burger haven!

Is there an option for online ordering?

Yes, Seascape Take Away offers online ordering with address verification and various delivery methods. Customers can place their orders and select an appropriate delivery option from the website.

Does Seascape Take Away offer discounts or specials?

Seascape Take Away offers discounts and specials, with alternative ingredients and delivery options available. Customers can take advantage of their variety of discounts, such as their €3.50 burger and chips combo, and enjoy an economical dining experience. Delivery options are also available for added convenience.

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