Malta’s Olympic Dreams: Hopeful for First Gold Medal in Tokyo

Malta’s Olympic History

Malta has been participating in the Olympic Games since 1928, but it is still waiting for its first gold medal. The country has participated in every Summer Olympics, except for the Moscow Games in 1980, and has mostly competed in individual sports such as athletics, shooting, judo, and swimming. Malta’s best performance in the Olympics was at the 2012 London Games, where weightlifter Yazmin Zammit Stevens finished in ninth place. Malta has sent nine athletes to the Tokyo Olympics this year, hoping to break the gold medal duck.

Potential Medal Contenders

Despite its small size, Malta has athletes who are capable of winning medals. At the Tokyo Olympics, Malta’s best chances for a medal are in shooting and weightlifting. Eleanor Bezzina in the 10m air pistol event, and William Chetcuti in the trap shooting event are both seasoned shooters with several international medals to their name. Meanwhile, Yazmin Zammit Stevens has the experience and form to challenge for a medal in the 64kg women’s weightlifting category.

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Challenges Faced by Maltese Athletes

Maltese athletes face many challenges when it comes to their training and preparation for the Olympics. The lack of facilities and funding is a significant obstacle for Maltese athletes, and many of them have to rely on the support of their families and friends to make it to the Games. The COVID-19 pandemic has also disrupted the training schedules of many Maltese athletes, leading to uncertainty and challenges in their preparations.


Malta is a small island nation with big ambitions in the Olympics. The country has been waiting for a gold medal for almost a century, but its athletes continue to strive towards that elusive goal. With potential medal contenders in shooting and weightlifting, Malta is hoping that its athletes will make history in Tokyo. Despite the challenges faced by Maltese athletes, they continue to inspire their fellow citizens and represent their country with pride and determination.

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