Gian Marco Berti: Rise to Victory in the Men’s Trap Event at the Games of the Small States of Europe

I. Introduction

Gian Marco Berti, a talented athlete from San Marino, recently won the men’s trap title at the Games of the Small States of Europe in Valetta.

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The accomplishment is significant for athletes from smaller nations like San Marino who may not have the resources or facilities to train at the same level as larger nations. This article will provide a deeper dive into Gian Marco Berti’s background and his recent success in the world of shooting.

II. Who is Gian Marco Berti?

Gian Marco Berti is a 25-year-old trap shooter from San Marino. He began competing at a young age and has had several noteworthy accomplishments throughout his career. In 2014, Berti won a bronze medal in the junior category at the ISSF World Championship. In the same year, he also won the ISSF European Championship silver medal in Belgrade. Berti has represented San Marino at the World Championships and European Championships and has competed in multiple events at past Games of the Small States of Europe.

III. What is the men’s trap event in shooting?

The men’s trap event is a discipline of shooting that involves shooting at clay targets launched into the air at various speeds and angles. The object is to hit these clay targets with a shotgun. The shooter must hit a total of 125 targets during qualifying rounds. The top six shooters then participate in a final round where they shoot an additional 25 targets. Points are awarded for hitting the targets, and the highest score wins.

Shooting is a popular sport worldwide and is used for hunting and self-defense. The use of firearms in the sport is heavily regulated, and strict safety protocols are in place to ensure that everyone involved is safe.

IV. How did Gian Marco Berti perform in the men’s trap event?

Berti’s performance at the Games of the Small State of Europe was outstanding. He successfully hit 124 of the 125 clay targets, securing a spot in the final round. In the final round, Berti hit 21 of the 25 targets, securing his victory with a total of 145 out of 150 points, nine points ahead of his nearest competitor. Berti’s outstanding performance landed him the gold medal in the men’s trap event.

Berti’s steady shooting throughout the day was impressive, particularly in the final round. During the final, Berti missed a few targets early on, but he quickly bounced back and hit several critical targets to secure his victory.

V. What are the Games of the Small States of Europe?

The Games of the Small States of Europe are a multi-sport event that has been hosted by the European Olympic Committee since 1985. The games are held every two years and are open to European nations with a population of fewer than one million people. The most recent event was hosted in Valetta, Malta, in 2021, where Gian Marco Berti secured his victory. The games provide smaller nations with an opportunity to compete on an international level and offer athletes the chance to gain experience in a major sporting event.

VI. Conclusion

Gian Marco Berti’s victory in the men’s trap event at the Games of the Small States of Europe is a significant milestone for him and his home country of San Marino. His achievement is a testament to his skill and dedication, and his win is sure to inspire future generations of San Marino athletes. Events like the Games of the Small States of Europe provide opportunities for athletes from smaller nations to showcase their talent and compete on a world stage. With such events, the world can see the potential that lies within these smaller nations, and we can all work together towards a more inclusive and connected global community.


Q: How are the clay targets launched in the men’s trap event?
A: The clay targets are launched into the air using a machine called a trap.

Q: Which other nations participate in the Games of the Small States of Europe?
A: Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Malta are the other nations that participate in the Games of the Small States of Europe.

Q: Why are events like the Games of the Small States of Europe important?
A: Events like the Games of the Small States of Europe give smaller countries the opportunity to compete in international events and provide a platform for athletes to showcase their talent on a global level. These events bring people together and promote unity and friendly competition.

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